My Discoveries

My Discoveries is a feature in the catalog.  This service lets you create lists of titles, write reviews,rate titles, and create user tags. You can choose to limit who sees your entries to just yourself, or share them with all the users of AquaBrowser library catalogs around the country. Below every title you will see the link that says save Use this link to create your lists, tags, ratings, and reviews.  Use the Account window to review and edit work you have already done.

The first step in using My Discoveries is to create an account. This is different from your traditional Library account that lets you renew books and place holds.  

Step 1.  Click on My Discoveries and then click on Create an Account.

Create Account

Be SURE to remember your username. If you forget your password, it can be sent to you; but if you forget your username, you have to create a new account with a different e-mail address.

logonOnce you have created an account and logged in, instead of seeing MyDiscoveries on the toolbar, you will see your username. You can close the Account window to start working on Lists, Tags, Ratings and Reviews.

Using the My Discoveries Window


When you first click on save you need to create a name for your list. You can see this user has 2 lists; the first is a list of books that she has read by the author Elizabeth Peters and the second is a list of favorite craft books.
You can click on the list title to see all of the items in the list.

You can make the list public so other library users can see your list. Once you make a list public, the tags, ratings and reviews for that list also become public.
You can delete items in a list or the entire list.

When you click on save you can create tags (keywords) to describe important features of a title in your own word or words. The tags you create will become a searchable keyword in the catalog and will be added to the list of tags in the title's record. Also, if you click on a tag, it will link you to any other title(s) that share that tag.

For each title, you can highlight the stars and rate from 1 to 5 stars. You can click on the title to see the full record.

Write a review and let the rest of the library users know what features of a title you liked or dislike about a particular title.

If at any time you want to edit or remove tags, ratings or reviews that you created from a title, go back to that title, and click on save you can then edit or remove the tags, ratings or reviews.