Apps for Teens

We know you're already using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the other popular apps.  Here's a list of some other apps that you might not have.  Take a look, and check back for updates!


The Young Adult Library Services Association (YALSA) has recently launched a free app to help connect readers with the best of young adult literature.  Available for Apple and Android devices.
Wikipedia.  Use the app on your device instead of the mobile site.  Available for Apple and Android devices.
Learn languages for free!  Duolingo was Apple's App of the Year in 2013.  Available for Apple and Android devices.
SoundHound is a music search and discovery experience that identifies music being played around you. Tap the orange button to instantly identify songs and see lyrics, share, stream, buy or simply explore more about artists you know and love or have just discovered.  Available for Apple and Android devices.

Sing Me Something.  Challenge your friends’ music knowledge by picking a tune, singing it and asking them to guess what you sang.  Available for Apple and Android devices.