Meeting Room Policy

The libraries will be closed for Lincoln's birthday on Friday, February 12, 2016 and for President's Day on Monday, February 15, 2016.



The Sussex County Library’s meeting rooms are primarily available for the Library’s own programs or those library programs co-sponsored with other groups. Additionally, the meeting rooms can be used by individuals and not-for-profit groups or organizations for educational, informational, and cultural reasons. There will be no commercial use of a meeting room; however, a commercial or for-profit organization may have a program if it offers to the public timely information presented by knowledgeable or skilled professionals, but no fees can be charged and no solicitations can be made.

The Sussex County Library does not limit use of its meeting rooms based on the subject matter or content of the meeting or on the beliefs or affiliations of the meeting’s sponsors. Use of the meeting room does not imply endorsement by the Sussex County Library of the policies or purpose of that group.


The Sussex County Library has first priority in the use of a meeting room. All other use of a meeting room will be on a first-come, first-serve basis. A Sussex County Library Meeting Room Application must be filled out by all individuals or groups who want to use a meeting room. The Sussex County Library will always determine if a meeting room is available.

  • Reservations can be made up to 12 weeks in advance from date of application.

  • Regular use of a meeting room, by a group, will be granted at the discretion of the Sussex County Library and will be based upon the availability of a meeting room.

  • A copy of the Meeting Room Policy will be given out to the individual or group receives permission to use a meeting room.

  • Granting of the use of a meeting room will be done by a designated employee (e.g. Branch Librarian) and will be based upon compliance with the Meeting Room Policy.


All non-County meetings and programs must be open to the public and the Sussex County Library. An employee of the Sussex County Library may be present during the meeting or program. The size and location of meetings rooms vary and, therefore, may influence or restrict the use of them.  Groups, organizations, and individuals failing to comply with any part of the Meeting Room Policy may be denied future use of a meeting room. The Sussex County Library has first priority of the use of a meeting room.

  • Non-library meetings can only be held during library hours and availability may differ from branch to branch. No meeting may start after the library closes, or if the library is closed, but the meeting may extend after hours with permission of the library.

  • Library programs may be held outside of normal operating hours.

  • Non-library programs and meetings must finish 15 minutes prior to the library’s closing hour.

  • No commercial use of a meeting room and no fees may be charged to attend a program or meeting. Only fundraising events sponsored by the Sussex County Library or by Friends of the Sussex County Library are permitted.

  • Light refreshments may be served.

  • The individual or group sponsoring the meeting is responsible for the condition of the meeting room and is responsible for any damage to the meeting room or its equipment or furniture or floor covering incurred during the program. The meeting room must be left in the same condition it was found in; preparation of the room (e.g., chair setup) is the responsibility of the organization or group.

  • Publicity for non-library meetings must be coordinated with the library

  • The library cannot be named as a sponsor for non-library meetings.

  • Smoking and alcoholic beverages are not permitted.

  • Maximum attendance will be based upon the capacity of each meeting room and fire code regulations.

  • The Sussex County Library reserves the right to cancel at any time any meeting or program if necessary.

  • The Sussex County Library assumes no liability or responsibility for any accident or loss of personal property that might occur as a result of the use of a meeting room.

  • Literature may be distributed if it’s available without charge and contains no solicitation of fees.

  • A member from the organization must attend the meeting.

  • Meetings must comply with any Federal, State, or local law.

Adopted June 26, 2002
Board of Chosen Freeholders