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Looking for reading ideas?

Author Check lets you create an account (all you need is a username, email address and a password), then start adding your favorite authors to the list.  You will receive an email alert each time a title by that author is ordered for the Library's collection.  You may need to wait a day or two for us to fully process the order before you can place a hold.  Be patient!
New Book Alerts provides a list of titles that have just been ordered.  You can view titles ordered for  the last week, two weeks, and month.  The list lets you view new titles by your favorite genre (mystery, sci fi, romance) or your favorite subject (history, travel, cooking).  You can also sign up for a weekly email reminder to take a look at the new purchases.
SelectReads Do you have a favorite subject or genre you enjoy reading?  SelectReads offers a sampler of titles in a wide variety of genres and subjects that you can sign up for and receive monthly emails.  Or just go to their website for reading ideas.

eSequels will help you find books in series. 

You can start your search with a favorite author or title.
If you loved a character in a series, but can’t remember the author, search for the character.
Or, if you want to read a series that takes place in Venice or Bali, search by location.
If we don’t own it, we’ll get it for you via Interlibrary Loan, if it is available in New Jersey.

Have a favorite author and you've read all their books?  Use Novelist Plus to find similar authors.
This is a great British website with over 30,000 authors.  See their full bibliographies, series lists and forthcoming books.  Also see titles recommended by the author.
What's Next is a great way to find books in series for children's and young adult authors.  Be careful though, unlike eSequels, it shows the title in order by publication date, not the chronological order of storylines.
What's Next™: Books in Series Database of Kent District Library