‘Nimona,’ by Noelle Stevenson

A shapeshifter with a love of mischief comes to the aid of a supervillain out to expose an insincere hero.

Bookshelf: Vroom

New picture books find fun in modes of transport, from bikes to bulldozers.

A Cure for Hovering

A little boy finds independence despite his hovering family in a funny, refreshing new picture book.

Bookshelf: Tiny Beauties

Show-stopping butterflies and fireflies star in these picture books set in the loveliest corners of the insect world.

Bookshelf: Sweet Tooth

New picture books include “Jampires” by Sarah McIntyre and David O'Connell, and “Rude Cakes” by Rowboat Watkins.

A Guide to Reading Rituals

A new picture book is a “how to" manual for little people who have just gotten the hang of reading.

Winged Wonders

With poetic words and stunning photographs, “Sweep Up the Sun” salutes birds in flight.

At Home by the Sea

A modest yet captivating picture book conjures the everyday life of a Vietnamese fisherman’s family.

Sounding Off

Frank Viva’s ingenious new picture book fashions a charming story out of sound-alike phrases.