Folk Tales for a New Age

Two new picture books have the feel of folk tales and a sweet, rustic appeal.

Enchanted Words

Kelly Barnhill’s “The Witch’s Boy” is set in an absorbing world of kingdoms and prophecies in which transformation comes through language, courage and self-awareness.

Painting Partners

Two new books present the artists Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera in striking ways.

On the Road

Raina and her younger sister work out their sibling rivalry on a long and eventful car trip to a family reunion.

To Be Young Again

Galileo. Newton. Salk. Curie. Science can change the world, but has Ellie’s grandfather gone too far?

Must Love Dogs

Some are prim and petite, while others are stout and slobbery. But one way or another, these canine characters come out on top.

Who Are They Kidding?

The characters in three books for early readers are propelled by their self-deception and passion.

Wild on the Inside

In this young adult novel, a teenager indulges a rebellious streak lurking beneath her “apple pie” appearance.

Sonic Youth

Making new friends at school can be tough, but doing so while wearing a bulky hearing aid? That requires superpowers!

Where We Enter

Jacqueline Woodson’s memoir in verse offers poems about sibling rivalry, parents and the friends who help you through.

Solo Acts

In three picture books, dancers who prefer to practice alone learn to share their talents with others.

The Whole Wide World

Two new picture books help children comprehend the very small and the very big.

All-of-a-Kind Family

In her first novel, “The Misadventures of the Family Fletcher,” Dana Alison Levy updates the traditional family-story structure by introducing same-sex parents and multiracial children.

Comic Con

In Varian Johnson’s “The Great Greene Heist,” a middle schooler dreams up a plan to influence an election for student council president.

On the Move

Three picture books feature children struggling with displacement and new surroundings.


In this young adult novel, a teenager takes on an identity much like his girlfriend’s for an online role-playing game.

Teenagers Rule

Social order breaks down when a mysterious illness spreads worldwide, sparing only adolescents.

Making Fun

Three new crafts books suggest ideas for a range of activities to inspire young artists during their summer vacation.

On a Roll

Two new picture books for kids fascinated by anything with wheels.