Revisiting the Mayflower Story

A picture book presents a new perspective on the adventure-filled tale behind the first Thanksgiving.

Boys Do Cry

A stylish new picture book shows boys that it’s OK to express their softer feelings.

Bookshelf: Good Nights

New picture books include “Thank You and Good Night” and “Finding Monkey Moon.”

Bookshelf: Breakthrough Lives

New picture-book biographies recount the lives of the first computer programmer, an Alvin Ailey dancer and a blue-eyed singer from Hoboken named Frankie.

Capping It Off

A late-arriving sequel to the classic “Caps for Sale” reunites a peddler and some mischievous monkeys.

Bookshelf: Halloween

In new picture books and a reissue, ghosts, witches and zombies bring the frights and the fun.

Bookshelf: Cat and Mouse

New picture books include “Pepper & Poe” and “Mr. Postmouse’s Rounds.”

Raising Up the Dead

A picture book biography of the Mexican artist who popularized Day of the Dead calaveras draws on the appeal of skulls and skeletons to the young.

Recent History

A graphic novel set in the 1970s shows a kind of childhood long gone, but not so long ago.

Bookshelf: Double the Delight

Enchanting new bilingual picture books in Spanish and English include a reissued collection from the United States poet laureate, Juan Felipe Herrera.

Bookshelf: Letting Go

New picture books include “Boats for Papa” and “Bug in a Vacuum.”

The Pink and the Black

The fashion designers Elsa Schiaparelli and Coco Chanel — larger-than-life figures who were real-life rivals — are the subjects of two new biographies for children.

Vacation’s End

A picture book captures the bittersweet mood of the end of summer.

Bookshelf: By the Numbers

New picture books include “Two Mice” and “The Great and Mighty Nikko!”

Bookshelf: Schooling

New picture books include “Music Class Today!” and “Dad’s First Day.”