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'The Blizzard' May Leave You Cold

Vladimir Sorokin's surreal road trip novel follows a doctor rushing through a blizzard to deliver a vaccine to a zombie-plagued village — but that rich premise is let down by clunky, uneven prose.

Death By Coconut: A Story Of Food Obsession Gone Too Far

August Engelhardt believed coconuts were a nutritional and spiritual panacea. So in 1902, he sailed to the South Pacific to start a utopian cult that survived only on the fruit. It ended calamitously.

'Like Family' Rewards The Patient Reader

Physicist-turned-author Paolo Giordano's new novel follows a couple adrift after their beloved housekeeper dies. Critic Heller McAlpin says the book is melancholy, but offers a subtle hope.

Classic Sci-Fi Comic 'Eternaut' Fights The Power

What should science fiction look like? That's a question that absorbed the creators of The Eternaut, an iconic comic about an alien invasion, first serialized in a Buenos Aires newspaper in the 1950s.

'Your Brother's Blood' Gives New Life To The Undead

Zombie stories are everywhere, but David Towsey's new book takes an unexpected turn — to a gritty, far-future world with echoes of the American West, full of undead who still have hearts and souls.

Barcelona's Women Make 'The Whispering City' Shine

Two academics from Germany, writing as Sara Moliner, have recreated a sepia-toned 1950s Barcelona in this new mystery novel. Critic Bethanne Patrick says City's strength is in its variety of women.

How Do We Get To Love At 'First Bite'?

It's the season of food, and British food writer Bee Wilson has a book on how our food tastes are formed. NPR's Scott Simon speaks with her about her new book, "First Bite: How We Learn to Eat."

Slices Of Life Fill 'Our Expanding Universe'

Box Office Poison artist Alex Robinson is back with a new group of likeable, everyday people, mulling over their desire (or lack thereof) for children and family in an episodic, free-floating comic.