The Many Masks Of Batman In 'Caped Crusade'

Glen Weldon's book The Caped Crusade traces the evolution of Batman, and argues that his anger and obsession are only part of the character; his childhood anti-crime oath makes him a hopeful figure.

'Caped Crusade' Peeks Under Batman's Iconic Cowl

Glen Weldon's new book lays out the history of Batman — from pow-biff-zap camp icon to dour Dark Knight — with the witty, informed perspective of a diehard fan. To the Batcave, readers!

The Untold Stories Of Black Girls

Black girls are suspended from school at six times the rate of white girls. In a new book, Pushout, author Monique Morris tells their stories.

True Love And Time Travel In 'Patience'

Comic artist Dan Clowes takes a new direction in his latest graphic novel — which starts with a rare moment of happiness for its main characters. Does it last? Spoiler alert: No.

Keys Are The Key To 'What Is Not Yours'

Writer Helen Oyeyemi's new collection features nine stories all linked through the idea of keys that open rooms, doors, even hearts. She says she felt haunted by keys while working on the book.

A Love Story Rudely Interrupted By History

Peter Behrens' novel, Carry Me, follows the fortunes of two interconnected families through the World Wars in Europe, as well as the turmoil leading up to Ireland's War of Independence.

'Knockout' Scores A Hit With Humanity And Dark Humor

The characters who populate John Jodzio's new story collection are a long way from respectable — they're junkies, liars, and in one case, a tiger thief. But Jodzio treats them all with compassion.