A Spanish Comic Book Exposes Franco's Orphanages

Carlos Giménez's graphic novel Paracuellos is an unflinching memoir of his time in the orphanages of Franco's Spain; it makes the experiences of a few boys in the 1950s inescapably universal.

Intentionally Awful Photos Of 'Dimly Lit Meals For One'

Instagram food photos often offer a curated image of an idealized existence. This book is not that: It pairs grainy photos of culinary monstrosities with fictional tales of the sad sacks eating them.

'Empire Of Things' Surveys How, What And Why We Consume

Frank Trentmann's sprawling new history looks at several centuries worth of consumerism. It's a huge, and hugely readable survey of all the ways we accumulate — and exhaust — material goods.

Murder And Crows In 'Taxidermist's Daughter'

Kate Mosse's new gothic thriller uses the concept of taxidermy as a clever skeleton on which to hang its scares. It's a dark and tangled tale that's definitely not for the squeamish.