'Black Dragon River' Charts History Along The Amur

Dominic Ziegler's thrillingly thorough geo-history follows the Amur River from its origin on the Mongolian steppes, along the Trans-Siberian Railway and through centuries of Eurasian history.

Mastery And Mystery Mix It Up In 'Prado'

Javier Sierra's new The Master of the Prado follows a graduate student — also named Javier — who gets caught up in a web of arcane theories about the paintings in the famous Madrid museum.

Sooty 'Lungdon' Is A Breathlessly Exciting Finale

Edward Carey wraps up his Iremonger trilogy with a bang, as the mysterious family of the title marches on their alternate version of London; it's that rare third book that sticks the landing.

'We, Robots' Takes Scholarly, Satirical Aim At Science

Curtis White is no enemy of science, but his new book criticizes what he sees as today's overreliance on rigid thinking and social organization, and our unquestioning optimism about technology.

National Book Awards Handed Out In New York City

The winners announced Wednesday night included Adam Johnson in fiction, Ta-Nehisi Coates in nonfiction, Robin Coste Lewis in poetry and Neal Shusterman in young people's literature.

Adam Johnson, Ta-Nehisi Coates Win National Book Awards

The authors won the literary prize in the fiction and nonfiction categories, respectively. Also taking home awards were Robin Coste Lewis, for her debut poetry collection, and Neal Shusterman.

'Beatlebone' Is A Fictional Lennon's Magical Mystery Tour

Kevin Barry's hallucinatory new novel imagines John Lennon in 1978, at his lowest, wandering around Ireland (with a very mysterious tour guide) in search of a private island he bought but can't find.

'Target In The Night' Scores A Solid Hit

Ricardo Piglia's new novel is a brainy, postmodern, sometimes funny take on the classic detective novel. Critic Michael Schaub says it has echoes of DeLillo and Pynchon, but is wholly original.

Dear Mary-Louise Parker, You've Written A Great Book

The actor's new memoir is disguised as a collection of letters to the men in her life. Critic Jean Zimmerman praises Parker's willingness to show vulnerability and her excellent, stylish writing.

'This Old Man' Looks Back On A Full Life

Roger Angell's latest book is a collection of his writings from The New Yorker, centered on "This Old Man," his memorable essay about the pains and pleasures of living into your 90s.