February Closings

The libraries will be closed for Lincoln's birthday on Friday, February 12, 2016 and for President's Day on Monday, February 15, 2016.

A Sampler Of Web Comics To Keep You Clicking

Web comics have matured a lot in recent years. They're more confident and more willing to experiment with the medium. We've got a sampler of the most absorbing for your weekend reading pleasure.

Family Is Tyranny Writ Small In 'Kookooland'

Gloria Norris' wrenching, darkly funny memoir of her abusive father has strong parallels to accounts of life in the Soviet Union. How do you respond to tyranny? What would it cost you to rebel?

'Good On Paper' Swings From Scholarly To Zany

Rachel Cantor's new novel tries to draw out the connections between love and scholarship in a tale of a frustrated translator looking for a new life. But it's occasionally too clever for its own good.

'All The Birds' Overturns Sci-Fi And Fantasy, Gently

Charlie Jane Anders' debut novel follows a girl with magical powers and a technically brilliant boy, uneasy friends since childhood, who get caught up in an apocalyptic war between science and magic.

Finnish Authors Heat Up The Speculative Fiction World

Finland hosts the World Science Fiction Convention in 2017 — but if you can't make it to Helsinki, hit the library: more and more Finnish speculative fiction authors are getting English translations.

Death Memoirs: Why The Grave Subject Sells So Well

Why do we love to read about dying? NPR's Rachel Martin asks critic Michelle Dean about the enduring popularity of books like "The Last Lecture" and "Tuesdays with Morrie."