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'Becoming Wise' Is A Meditation On Meaning


On Being host Krista Tippett talks about her new book Becoming Wise, which explores what she has learned from a career discussing faith, science and spirituality.

Forget Talent, Success Comes From 'Grit'


Rachel Martin talks with Angela Duckworth, the psychologist who brought the idea of "grit" as a marker of success into the American mainstream. Her book posits that achievement is about persistence.

'Zero K' Freezes At The Edge Of Immortality


In Don DeLillo's new novel, a billionaire secretly funds an enterprise aimed at preserving people through cryogenics — a technology he hopes to use to rejoin his already-frozen wife.

Three Generations Of Trauma Haunt 'Ladivine'


Marie NDiaye's unflinching new novel handles heavyweight emotions — guilt, shame, grief, cruelty — with sharp-edged writing and clear-eyed courage. It's an intense read, but an engrossing one.


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