Open Borrowing

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Wherever you are in northern New Jersey, there is a public library close by - and your library card is good there!


  • Stop by any Sussex County Library and ask for a Open Borrowing sticker for your library card. 
  • Be SURE to ask for your PIN if you don't already know it.
  • You will need to clear any blocks on your record.
  • Then take your card with you to any of the participating libraries.  The staff there will register you in their system. 
  • You may be asked for your PIN number each time you borrow materials.
  • You may return items to any participating Open Borrowing Library, but please note that
    • the item(s) are placed in the state-wide courier system which can take over a week to return them to the owning library and,
    • if the item(s) are lost in transit, you will be responsible for the replacement fee.

LIST OF PARTICIPATING LIBRARIES (with links to their websites)
Printable List of Participating Libraries

Click on any of the icons below to search their library catalogs.

Morris County

Passaic County

Sussex County Library System
Warren County Library System
Sparta Public Library

Middlesex County